Accelerating service innovation with Vision Australia

Accelerating service innovation with Vision Australia

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Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services. The organisation supports more than 27,500 people of all ages, life stages and circumstances. Vision Australia operates through 28 centres and 30 clinics, as well as outreach programs across Australia.

Vision Australia engaged Nous to build its product innovation capability

As part of a larger program of client-centred transformation, Vision Australia partnered with Nous to improve its product innovation capability. The objective was to enable the organisation to conduct targeted user research, and design and prototype new or redesigned services that addressed customer pain points.

We engaged customers to validate assumptions and co-design solutions

A joint team made up of Nous and Vision Australia staff took a customer-first approach to the project. We:

  • conducted targeted interviews with a range of current and potential users to understand customer challenges;
  • Surveyed over 400 customers to gather a large cross-section of data and validate the customer challenges identified in the qualitative research;
  • facilitated a series of customer co-design workshops to develop potential solutions to targeted problems, and test assumptions; and
  • Prototyped digital solutions to test customer response to the value proposition and the interactive prototype.

The prototypes were further tested with users to gauge appeal, feature preferences and overall willingness to pay. The outputs of the tests fed into a financial model to assess under what conditions the services could be viable.

The project delivered valuable insight and built new internal capability for Vision Australia

Vision Australia gathered important design insights around certain products and services that they now plan to implement. The project also built critical capability within Vision Australia, allowing the organisation to continue to undertake important customer engagement and product development initiatives.

What you can learn from Vision Australia

Listen to your customers rather than making assumptions about what they might want.

Digital provides a significant opportunity to improve customer experience.

Prototype and learn fast from iterative tests with customers.