Education systems and institutions around the world are making smart investments to improve performance. We must continue to prepare all learners to thrive in work and life, and in complex and changing environments. But identifying quality and equity improvement strategies and realising them at scale is not easy.

Our consultants work with providers, policymakers, peak bodies and regulators operating across the full breadth of the education system – from early childhood education to schools, vocational education and training, universities and other higher education institutions.

Our work at a systems level helps governments design and deliver impactful education policies and associated evaluation, regulation and funding. While our work with individual education providers supports their strategy development, operations, culture and transformation initiatives. Our work is enhanced by our leading labour market analysis tools.

Our consulting work includes

Higher education

Our education consultants work with universities and private providers on their biggest strategic challenges: institutional strategy, research focus, system performance, educational direction, student experience and change through people. Through NousCubane Consulting – a Nous Group company – we can also help university administrators make informed strategic decisions and continuously assess results.


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Vocational education and training

As Australia grapples with digitisation and demographic changes, the VET system is instrumental in ensuring our workforce meets the needs of individuals and employers. Our consultants work with governments as well as TAFEs and registered training organisations on strategic programs, digital systems and leadership development. Our work covers the whole system and brings insights informed by data, stakeholder opinion and policy settings. Our partnership with Burning Glass Technologies gives us unrivaled insight into job market trends and skills gaps.


Schools and government departments must work together to ensure the system is optimally structured and managed, and that teachers and principals are well-equipped to lead and inspire learners. Our consultants work with governments on education architecture and policy reform, with system managers to drive system-wide improvements, and with school leaders to improve performance, governance, strategy and parent engagement.

Early childhood education

Leading early childhood providers need to deliver outstanding educational services in the context of intense and growing demand, strict national standards and high cost pressures. Our consultants work with government agencies and major service providers to overcome these pressures, and deliver better education outcomes at scale.


Helping post-secondary institutions achieve their mission

Our dynamic team of experts is committed to partnering with post-secondary institutions to solve their strategic challenges, drive performance and build capacity.


2023 Higher Education Professional Services Leaders report

The report, Closing the divide, explores the main challenges, priorities, and critical enablers to driving whole-of-university change. It makes clear that today’s leaders are operating in a complex world full of contradictions: the need to make big capital investments while operating deficits loom.

Four university students standing in group

World leading provider of higher education benchmarking services

For more than a decade NousCubane has helped many of the world’s leading universities optimise their administration and support services to best enable the university’s strategy.

Female teacher helping female primary school student at desk

Better workload management can help schools focus on what matters

The COVID-19 experience shone a spotlight on what many in the education sector had long suspected: that teacher workloads have intensified in recent years, and not always in ways that deliver better outcomes. As schools return to normal, the need for improved workload management will remain urgent.

Group of standing students in graduation hats

Five cost-saving strategies for universities wanting to invest in their future

Recently Nous analysed the finances of 15 leading Australian universities to understand where they have the capacity to reduce operating costs. We applied conservative assumptions based on our knowledge of those universities and actual savings from our work with universities in Australia, the UK and Canada.

University students sitting at a study table

Inside using labour market data to give a university an edge

In this episode of NousCast we head inside Australia’s RMIT University, which wanted to understand more about demand for skills in future so it could offer the right mix of courses today.