Justice & Emergency Management

Justice & Emergency Management

Effective justice and emergency management systems are critical to public safety and prosperity. The impacts of crime, disaster and emergencies are increasingly visible and have heightened the need for agencies to undertake more coordinated and more effective prevention, preparedness, response and justice activities.

Resilience is central to all four stages of the emergency management process – mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Ensuring a fair and accessible justice system requires close collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

Our consultants understand the complexity of the justice and emergency management systems and their interplay with the social services system. We bring multiple stakeholders together, navigate complex institutional relationships and have the experience supporting clients to identify and deliver system and service improvements.

Our consulting services include

Fire and emergency services

Effective emergency management requires coordinating resources and relationships to bring organisations and processes together to maintain community safety and wellbeing, and to increase resilience against disasters’ impact. Our consultants improve emergency management outcomes through monitoring, evaluation and assessment; organisational development; and service design and implementation.

Police and law enforcement

Police and law enforcement organisations require robust strategies, a focus on proactive and preventative policing, and the culture and structure to support high-performing teams. Our consultants work with organisations to develop and implement contemporary, evidence-based law enforcement that combines greater operational mobility, linked-up intelligence and a whole-of-government approach to meeting the needs of vulnerable people, including those experiencing domestic and family violence.


Making the justice system smarter, fairer and more effective at keeping the community safe requires collaboration among the government, community and agencies. Our justice work includes designing policy to support law reform, using data to understand cost dynamics, using technology to improve access, and implementing strategies and transformations to support administration.


The right service model will enhance the experience of users of courts, a critical service. Our consultants support court administrators to develop their operating model and optimise their services so they meet the needs of users, including those who have experienced family violence.

Burnt forest trees with green regrowth

Community-led recovery from extreme events sounds great – but what does it really mean?

A central theme in recovery efforts is for them to be led by the community. This is inspired by an intuitive logic: people most impacted by an emergency should be able to shape their recovery.

Police car lights at night

Law enforcement and emergency services need to listen to the sirens on performance

Working in law enforcement and emergency services can be physically and psychologically demanding. From working extensively with first responders, Nous has identified nine actions that can foster high performance.

Domestic abuse natural disasters

Domestic abuse rises after disasters – we can lessen its impact

There is evidence that in the wake of disasters domestic abuse may intensify over both the short and long term. Often forgotten in this response is the risk of an increase in domestic and family abuse.