Public Policy

We work with governments to develop, implement and evaluate policies and programs

Public Policy

We work with governments to develop, implement and evaluate policies and programs

Good public policy seeks to address complex economic, social and environmental issues. Policymakers operate in a contested space and often require support to ensure their advice is based on robust, and sometimes independent, analysis.

For policy to move from a good idea to good outcomes, it needs a sound evidence base, supportive stakeholders and commitment from key decision makers. The process is not always straightforward; it needs to be navigated through the complexities of government.

We have broad and deep experience working with governments on public policy-related challenges. Our consultants bring experience in the full suite of government functions – policy development, regulation, economic analysis, service design and delivery, funding and evaluation – to deliver great outcomes that improve the lives of citizens.

We work with governments under high standards of probity and integrity, reflected in our professional standards.

Our consulting services include

Policy development

Developing good policy requires a deep understanding of the often-complex range of forces that give rise to a problem that government must address. It also calls for an appreciation of the levers that governments at different levels have. We bring the analytical heft, stakeholder engagement skills and knowledge of government to produce options or advice to inform your own policy development work. 


Governments often benefit from help in developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks, or in conducting strategic reviews or evaluations that inform policy and program design and implementation. We bring expertise in evaluation methods, including those requiring sophisticated data analysis and modelling. We are skilled in trauma-informed engagement and in ensuring highly ethical processes.


Regulation is essential to a well-functioning economy and society. When it works well, regulation allows citizens to be protected from harm, to set up and run businesses smoothly, to share information and invest with confidence – and to do these things without being drowned in paperwork. We work with regulators to shape policy thinking and provide regulatory solutions and reforms. Find out more on our Regulation capability page.


For public sector leaders faced with uncertainty, robust economic analysis can give you the evidence base you need to progress your agenda. We develop tailored data-driven methodologies to help you quantify the likely outcomes of a new program, investment, policy change or regulatory option. We also apply economic thinking to help you solve problems. Find out more on our Economics capability page.


Delivering quality aged care in a time of profound change

The aged care sector is undergoing profound change driven by more empowered consumers, an increasing desire for older people to live and receive care at home, and the need for a more sustainable aged care system.

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Evaluation public sector

The 10 success factors for building evaluation capabilities

With government finances tight, it is more important than ever for agencies to demonstrate that every dollar being spent is generating value. So it makes sense that monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) is in the spotlight.

Government spending consultants

Governments want to cut wasteful spending on consultants. We agree.

There is understandable scrutiny of commissioning of consulting services and government action to reduce the overall expenditure. At Nous, we think it is welcome news. Here’s why.

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For regulators, good outcomes hinge on a strong regulatory culture

We have found that good regulators manage risks in a way that minimises burden. Great regulators, however, promote a lifecycle approach to regulation, premised on strong regulatory culture.