Health & Ageing

Health & Ageing

Health and ageing systems are undergoing profound change. Shifting population needs, heightened consumer expectations and rapidly advancing technology are increasing pressure on limited budgets. The shock of COVID-19 is being felt across the system and the implications of the pandemic will influence strategic agendas for years to come.

Advances in clinical care and innovations in service delivery are transforming health and aged care services. Now is the time to harness these opportunities to create change that improves outcomes for everyone by overcoming inequity, enhancing sustainability and prioritising positive person-centred experiences.

Our consultants support organisations across health and aged care to unravel complexity and enable progress. We put people and communities at the heart of what we do.

Our consulting services include

Hospitals and related services

Australia’s hospitals and related services are under pressure as demand for services grows and financial constraints require increased efficiency. Meanwhile services are seeking to increase quality and improve patient experience. Our consultants have worked with hospitals across Australia to manage demand pressure, deliver service efficiency and enhance integration with community health and primary care services, using person-centred care.

Primary care

As Australia’s healthcare front line, primary care addresses critical population health challenges, including the response to COVID-19, the prevalence of mental illness, and more people living with chronic health conditions. Our consultants work with government agencies and primary health networks (PHNs) to plan, design and evaluate primary health programs that complement and support general practice. We also support PHNs to build their organisational capabilities and capacity.

Aged care services

Three imperatives are driving national aged care policy – informing, empowering and protecting consumers; increasing opportunities for older people to live and receive care at home; and achieving sustainability of the aged care workforce, system and providers. Our consultants advise governments and providers in designing and implementing strategies to respond to those imperatives and developing efficient and consumer-directed operating models.

Research and education

Now more than ever, research and education are vital for delivering better treatments and interventions for patients, for improving health services delivery, and for achieving health outcomes at the clinical and population levels. Our consultants have worked successfully with researchers, research and education organisations and funders to design, implement and evaluate research and education funding programs, activities and translation.


Australia’s health system is funded and managed by Commonwealth, state and territory governments, which can sometimes make working together for better health outcomes challenging. Our consultants understand the different roles of each level of government and what drives their priorities. We are adept at working across all governments to ensure policy and programs take account of the nuances and circumstances of all governments.

Mental health services

There is urgent need to improve Australia’s mental health systems. Imperatives include developing an integrated continuum of services and supports; empowering people with lived experience to help design, develop and deliver services and supports; and ensuring resources, including the workforce, are optimised. Our consultants advise governments, mental health services and non-government organisations to progress these imperatives through system design and strategy, identifying and planning service needs, lived experience-led design, business case development and service evaluation.


How we can help

Senior man sitting looking at photo album with male nurse

Delivering quality aged care in a time of profound change

The aged care sector is undergoing profound change driven by more empowered consumers, an increasing desire for older people to live and receive care at home, and the need for a more sustainable aged care system.

Small group therapy session

Building a mental health system for the future

The challenges to improve mental health can seem overwhelming – from insufficient services to lack of integration and difficulty navigating services for consumers, carers and families. It is essential to take a system-wide approach to action, which considers all levels of the system with the individual at the centre.

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Families are struggling with confusing mental health and disability systems

There is abundant evidence that early intervention and support for developmentally vulnerable children and their families is vital to ensuring their wellbeing.

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Australian governments have pledged to invest in urgent care services. How can system designers ensure urgent care services deliver the outcomes clinicians, managers and, most crucially, patients, are seeking?

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There is a lot of change underway on the provision of voluntary assisted dying. Now is a good time to pause and consider lessons learned.