We build business cases so you can build the facilities the community needs.


We build business cases so you can build the facilities the community needs.

For leaders faced with great uncertainty, robust economic analysis can give you the evidence base you need to win funding and progress your agenda.

Even if the immediate consequences of a strategy, regulation or policy choice can be confidently predicted, the later impacts are often opaque. This is where economic analysis can help.

Our economic consultants develop tailored data-driven methodologies to help you quantify the likely outcomes of a new program, investment, policy change or regulatory option.

We combine a pragmatic approach with rich data sources and advanced analytical tools to help leaders understand the benefits and costs of achieving outcomes. Rather than focusing on economic theory we seek solutions that work in complex systems in the real world.

Our consulting services include

Business cases and cost-benefit analysis

Major investment decisions, regulations and policy changes should benefit your organization, your target population or society more broadly. Our approach to cost-benefit analysis quantifies tangible and intangible benefits, including public safety and health outcomes, to calculate return on investment in complex settings. This can help you at the start of a program to compare options, or at the end to evaluate impact.

Pricing and cost recovery

We optimize pricing and incentives for products, services and offerings, including ensuring compliance with cost recovery guidelines and consumer law. Our pricing and cost recovery methods help you establish the appropriate and compliant price for a product or service, while considering commercial realities and business needs. We provide support for government-related cost recovery as well as decisions regarding pricing regulation, subsidies, incentives, taxes and fee setting.

Market design and efficiency

Effective market design considers the impact of interventions on market performance. Some government services (including health, education and defence) operate in areas where markets do not exist or are heavily regulated. We analyze the rules, procurement and procedures required for effective outcomes in suboptimal markets. We consider market contestability, productivity, competition, performance and government stewardship of regulated markets.


How our work combines to support market stewardship or major reforms

Value of physical therapy

We helped the US physical therapy sector to demonstrate its value

A wide leafy street in an Australian regional town

Measuring the economic impact of regional universities


A business case that secures investment requires more than just the numbers 

You’ve identified the problem. You’ve gathered the data to build an evidence base. And you know solving the problem will require significant investment from your government, business or funder. Possible solutions, though, will impact a broad range of people, and funding will be highly contested. To gain traction, you’ll need a business case that wins hearts and minds – and ultimately dollars.

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